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SAU #53 Boards




SAU #53 Executive Board Members


For additional contact information for each board member, click their town's school board page following their names.  Members are listed alphabetically.

Benjamin Brown, Chichester

Thomas Irzyk, Allenstown

Dave Cummings, Epsom

  Patricia Nardone-Boucher, Pembroke

James Deely , Deerfield


SAU #53 Board Members

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For additional contact information for each board member, click the district they're listed under. 


Kris Raymond David Cummings **
Jody Moore ** Alison Scheiderer **
Thomas Irzyk Lucie Weeks
Carl Schaefer Michael Wiggett
Crystal Venegas ** William Yeaton **
Deerfield Pembroke
James Deely Janna Culberson
Ken Heckman Dave Doherty **
Zachary Langlois Daniel Driscoll **
Nathan Oxnard Patricia Nardone-Boucher **
Shelley Tetrault Thomas Serafin
Benjamin Brown **
Heather Chiavaras **
Harold Losey, Jr. **

** indicates Board Members who are part of the A.R.E.A. Advisory Board.

Board Chair

If you wish to have an issue presented at a board meeting, please put your concern in writing and send it to the Superintendent's attention at the SAU office.  You will be added the agenda of the next board meeting with an open time slot.




Superintendent's Welcome Message

Welcome to the SAU #53 website!  Take some time to explore and to learn about SAU #53 and the five districts it serves.  The five districts of Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, and Pembroke provide the pre-K -12 educational experiences for approximately 3500 students.  Pembroke Academy provides the high school experience for the communities of Allenstown, Chichester, Epsom, and Pembroke, while students in the Deerfield community travel to Concord for their high school program....Read full letter..


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