Present: Doug Hall, Paul Twomey, Bob Mann, Dave Dziura, Pam Stiles, Judith Clark, Anne Lakeman, Gloria Andrews

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Doug Hall at 6:30 P.M.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting - January 7, 1999

Bob Mann made the motion to accept the minutes of January 7, 1999 as printed.

Paul Twomey seconded.



3. Citizen Comments


4. Principal’s Report

Pam Stiles presented her written report to the School Board that covered the following items:

a. Middle School schedule change

b. Pembroke Academy representatives were here. Guidance will work with 8th graders to set goals for the next four years.

c. 3-Option plan for space and staffing for next year. See 6C

d. Science curriculum committee continues to meet and work on the updated curriculum guide. The School Board asked that a draft of science curriculum with explanations be available to them for review at the May meeting. AIMS workshop will be held here August 9-13. The Board indicated tuition could be taken out of workshop monies.

e. YMCA Day Care - need twelve full-time students to operate Day Care. Currently, only seven full-time and five to six part-time students have expressed interest due to the fact that famalies have already committed to Day Care providers for this year. Mrs. Stiles stated that information for next year will go out to parents in April.

f. Information has gone home to parents regarding Adult Education program.

Mrs. Stiles is seeking instructors from staff and public. Epsom School district has given permission for Laura Miller to teach a Word course using the Epsom computer lab.

g. Mrs. Stiles has met with the Education Assistants to discuss the updating of their job descriptions. She presented for their review an Educational Assistants Manual that she had previously developed in another district.

h. Mrs. Derosier submitted the art work of four Chichester students to the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards (Brian Mayville, Caitlin Twomey, Chelsea Drew, and Emily Ruoff) . Caitlin Twomey’s work received honorable mention.

i. Conrad Walters, our new night custodian, has started working with us.

Paul Twomey thanked Pam Stiles for her efforts in developing the After-School Day Care and the Adult Education Program.

5. School Board Goals

D. PA & Options

Bob Mann and Gloria Andrews stated that a Statement from the Chichester School Board was requested to be presented at the Pembroke School District Annual Meeting.

Bob Mann made the motion to approve Gloria Andrews’ draft as a statement of the Chichester School Board. Doug Hall seconded.



Paul Twomey stated he will take action against the Pembroke School District, if the Bond to build an addition and do renovations to the current buildings at Pembroke Academy doesn’t pass.

6. Special Topics

A. School Time

Pam Stiles reported the results of a second poll regarding the school time as follows:

Same start time (9:00 - 3:10) 54

Earlier start time (8:30 - 2:40) 49

Mrs. Stiles stated an 8:30 P.M. to 2:40 P.M school day would eliminate the necessity of students being dismissed from classes for away sporting events.

Doug Hall asked how this would affect morning staff meetings. Mrs. Stiles stated most staff meetings are in the afternoon.

Bob Mann made the motion to start school one-half hour earlier setting the school hours 8:30 A.M. to 2:40 P.M.

Paul Twomey seconded.



B. Transportation Plan

Dave Dziura presented the results of the Transportation Bids. Three contractors had bid specifications: Bruce, Dail and Marston.

Two contractors submitted bids as follows:

Elementary Bids:

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

Dail $78,300. $79,380. $80,460.

Marston $64,800. $66,744. $68,746.

Three Year Totals

Dail $238,140.

Marston $200,290.

High School Bus (1)

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

Dail $28,800 $29,700 $30,600.

Marston $28,800 $29,664 $30,554.

  Doug Hall made the motion to accept the Marston Bid for a three-year bus contract for the ELEMENTARY portion of the transportation bid for the following amounts:

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

$64,800. $66,744. $68,746.

Three Year Total:


Paul Twomey seconded.



The SAU was asked to put together a draft of the transportation contract and a disclosure to accompany the contract.

Bob Mann made a motion to go back to Marston and Dail for rebid on the HIGH SCHOOL transportation for one (1) a.m. bus, one (1) p.m. bus, and one (1) late bus with the option to cancel any one or more of the three (3) routes with one month’s notice. Paul Twomey seconded.



C. Staffing and Facilities

Dave Dziura presented Bond principal and interest breakdowns for 15 and 10 year Series A and B Bonds.

Mrs. Stiles presented facilities use Plans A, B and C for discussion and review.

Plan A

Cost $305,000. Bond

Two room addition including water for art room, but not tearing down the wall in Mrs. Binder’s 1st grade.

Plan B

Cost $17,500.

Adding a modular unit.

Plan C

Cost ? Wall erected in fifth grade room

Split current fifth grade room for one fifth grade and one fourth grade to share a room.

The School Board suggested that the Administration revisit Plan C and consolidate either first grade or upper elementary grades into one room...freeing up space; adding an educational assistant and/or team teaching.

Bob Mann asked for an early first grade registration to get a view of space needs for first grade for next year. Mr. Mann also requested that a cost to erect a wall in the fifth grade room be available for the Budget Hearing and District Meeting. Mr. Mann inquired as to the configuration of the Middle School for next year. Mrs. Stiles reported the Middle School will consist of grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.

In preparing for presentation of Plan A (Bond/Addition) the Board asked for the following:

Updated drawings (John Urdi), written text and visuals to describe addition, continued publicity stating expansion needs.

It was reported that Steve Deldeo will act as interim water supervisor until a replacement is found.

7. Administrative Issues

A. Consent Agenda

Paul Twomey made the motion to accept the following gifts to Chichester Central School:

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rogers to the CCS Library:

IBM Aptiva Computer and CTX Monitor


$100 anonymous donation to be used by someone "in need". Bob Mann seconded.



Paul Twomey asked that a note of sincere gratitude be expressed to the donors.


B. 1999-2000 Budget Development/District Meeting

Doug Hall made the motion to further increase the hourly wage scale of the school Educational Assistants with an additional ten cents ($.10) to all steps on the scale and adding, after twelve years in the district, Longevity in the amount of an additional ten cents ($.10) per hour.

Paul Twomey seconded.

Doug Hall - Aye, Paul Twomey - Aye, Bob Mann - Abstained.

The motion passed by a vote of 2 Ayes, 0 Nays, and 1 Abstention.

Materials for the Town Report were reviewed. Additions and deletions were made.

The Annual School District Warrant was reviewed as presented to date.

C. Public Hearing Planning

John Urdi and CCI will be present for the Addition and Bond Hearing.

Printout relating to the $305,000. Bond will be available...

First and Second Year Tax Rates...

Impact using current evaluation plus 3%...

Plans A, B and C for facilities use, with text to support each...

Budget Hearing:

Power Point Presentation - Doug Hall using his laptop

LCD Panel set up by Pam Stiles for Power Point presentation

Initiatives updated - Pam Stiles

Video Presentation - Pam Stiles

Full Budget Printout - Dave Dziura

D. Policy Review/Development

Employee Criminial Records Check Policy

The School Board recommended amending the policy to include the position of Lunch Director at the end of the second paragraph.

Bob Mann made the motion to accept the Employee Criminal Records Check Policy as amended.

Doug Hall seconded.

Doug Hall - Yes, Bob Mann - Yes, Paul Twomey - Nay

The motion passed on a vote of two yes votes and one nay vote.

Manifested Educational Hardship Policy

Doug Hall made the motion to accept the Manifested Educational Hardship Policy and its Appendix.

Paul Twomey seconded.

Doug Hall - Yes, Paul Twomey - Yes, Bob Mann - Nay.

The motion passed on a vote of two yes votes and one nay vote.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 P.M.

The next regular scheduled meeting is Wednesday, February 17th at 6:30 P.M.

Reminder: Tuesday, February 9, 1999, 7:00 P.M. Bond/School Board Public Hearing 1999-2999 Budget

9. Informational Items